Published: Week of 2009-12-14

December 18, 2009

‘Twas a quiet week on the publishing front, as many are likely to be for a while; my music queue at PopMatters is empty (and I’m still trying to decide whether replenishing said queue is worth the hassle), and game reviews aren’t generally terribly plentiful anyway. A couple of things did go up this week, though, and I’m fairly proud of both, so here goes:

On the game review front is this week’s News & Observer writeup, a glowing breakdown of the first Sims 3 expansion pack. It’s called World Adventures, and it actually manages to turn The Sims into an adventure game for days (in game time) at a time. Plus, you can buy a tent and camp outside your office as you hunger-strike your way to a promotion (or, more likely, martyrdom).

The other piece this week is the one that cleared my music queue for PopMatters, a writeup of the reissue of David Bowie’s Space Oddity. I wanted to make the entire article about how hilarious it was that the album was still called Space Oddity even though that was only a name given to it years after the fact when Bowie was still basically a one-hit wonder, and it doesn’t even appear on the album art for the reissue, but that didn’t translate to 600 words. So there’s a little bit in there about the music, too.

If I’d have had my druthers, it would have ended up on PopMatters’ excellent list of the 20 best reissues of 2009, but 1) I can’t complain because I didn’t vote and 2) It would have knocked off the reissue of The Who Sell Out, which would have been a shame (and made Justin Cober-Lake very sad).

Next Week: Tony Hawk: Ride, take 1. Hoo boy.


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