Finishing Chrono Trigger: Misfires

September 15, 2010

Before I start delving back in to more important matters, I just wanted to leave an update on Chrono Trigger, seeing as I not so long ago pledged that I would finish it (hence the title of this series). As suspected, it has been, let’s say, difficult.

It's a metaphor, see.

It’s now about a month since I started the game, and yet there has been no progress on it in the last three weeks. The last few times I’ve turned it on, I’ve played for half an hour, treaded water without much idea of what to do next, and turned it off. I don’t want to turn to GameFAQs to finish it out, but I fear that my first attempt at “Finishing” is dwindling fast.

It’s a holding pattern. Not exciting, not revelatory, just…static. Dragon Quest and Halo are blocking its path.

Hopefully I can get back into the groove by the end of the month. Otherwise, I fear I’ll be done for good.


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